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Chris van Der Sande

Founder, CEO & Principal Consultant

Providing Professional Intervention for your Business

The Interventionists as a company was officially registered and founded by Chris Van der Sande during early 2020, after he developed, refined and tested the concept over several years prior to formally setting it up. As founder and Director of the Company, Chris also acts as Principle Consultant and CEO.

The Interventionists are a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals, available to established companies of all sizes and almost all industry segments to provide interventional services. We work across Southern Africa irrespective of where you are or need our help.

We are comfortable to engage telephonically or via Video-Conference or to travel to your offices. All of us have decades of corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Ours is a flexible, dynamic network of very experienced and knowledgeable business people. We are able to hone in on problem areas with precision and speed and add an enormous amount of tangible and measurable added-value in rapid fashion, after which we typically formulate proposed remedial actions which you can implement yourselves or let us manage or facilitate the implementation and change processes for you.

Whilst we are based in Gauteng, we operate nationally and across Southern Africa

Regardless of where you are based (any one of the main metropoles such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban or any other regional business areas), we are comfortable to engage and travel if required.

As the name of the company indicates, we offer short and crisp engagements. Our interventional business advisory services are designed to maximise the value to your company with minimal disruption to your business, whereby we quickly identify and help with operationalising positive and value enhancing interventions.

Our focus is on helping hands-on to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business by identifying those areas where you could make the biggest (and often fastest) improvements. We are not academics and theoretically minded but rather hands-on and love to get stuck in with you. We of course restrict ourselves to those arears of your business you point us to.

Our interventions do not tend to be long term but rather designed to have as much impact in as short a possible time frame possible. Of course we offer ongoing coaching sessions for those who cannot afford the time or expense involved in an upfront overall assessment or who require ongoing advisory and coaching support.

You set the pace. You decide the frequency and time you can invest. We connect and add value, every time, over and over again!

Business intervention strategies involve the different approaches a business can use to effect change within its organisation, be they revenue focused, structure, ownership, policy, procedurally or costs management.

Changes in markets, shareholding, structure, exit planning pre-empt interventionists strategies which include adapting to market changes, M&A, shareholding, structure, exit planning, profitability or cash flow challenges. Too often business owners or managers wait too long to take corrective measures. Sometimes they just don’t see the wood from the trees, and just need a little help in doing so.

But also we find many entrepreneurial managers not paying sufficient attention to the basics. Often we see management knowing full well what and where the challenges lie, and frequently it resides with their co-owners, shareholders, directors, employees or even suppliers, with whom a long standing relationships has developed. From our own experiences, we know that very often the founder, CEO, Board directors or executives within a certain commercial business environment need assistance to clean out dead wood and evaluate or validate their own business paradigms.

Often too, they already know what needs to happen for them to improve their success or solve complex and tricky issues, but simply need a sounding board or some help to clearly validate and articulate their intuitive plans. Sometimes they just don’t have the bandwidth to tackle these matters in depth, lack the “political” will or are simply too close to the people or processes to spot the obvious. 

This is where an independent intervention can assist

An outside and purely objective and non-emotional assessment can be invaluable in cutting through the fog of complex or emotional and seemingly impossible challenges and paradoxes.

Leaving it too late to engage with outside assistance, may be more costly or have dire consequences for your business. If you have to call in “Business Rescue Practitioners” it is often already too late. Many of these “practitioners” are liquidation artists in disguise and may end up costing you your business and livelihoods.

We would encourage any business that feels “stuck” in any important aspect requiring change – revenue growth, cash flow, client satisfaction and retention, organisational structure, culture – to seek a business intervention like this.

Yes, the outcomes will sometimes be difficult for specific individuals, but almost always beneficial for the organisation as a whole.

We do not aspire to engage in perpetual contracts with you. In fact if our interventions last more than a few months we would regard that as a failure. Even our business coaching engagements tend to have an agreed, clear and measurable business objective which we drive towards. Once achieved it is your decision to terminate or pause the arrangement, or re-focus it on other aspects  or re-engage us at any time you require further assistance and support. With the correct focus, drive and insight that our team has to offer, identifying areas for improvements can most times be achieved in relatively fast time frames, provided the customer and their respective teams are available and cooperative.

Our offering does go beyond the identification of improvements. In fact, often we see that management already knows rather well where the issues are and what the high level options are. But too many times we see that it is easier for an outsider to come in and do the hard spade work, consult with stakeholders on a neutral basis and push for implementation.

Making things happen and make them better is what the ultimate Business Intervention should be all about.

Our success is ultimately measured by your business’ success, be that measured in accelerated growth, better productivity and profitability, or survival. Higher margins, better profitability, improved cash flow, cost reductions, people’s productivity, etc are some of the metrics we strive to achieve.

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