Our team consists of a number of seasoned executives. Many are veterans in their respective industries and disciplines. Some in the team are turn-around artists, many are specialists in some of the disciplines commonly sought, but all of us are extremely experienced and competent with an all-consuming desire to help and assist other managers and entrepreneurs and share the experience we have gained. We all genuinely care about adding value, sharing our experience and ultimately the success of your company, and have the T-shirts and scars on our backs from having run businesses ourselves. So we love to get stuck in with you – we are hands-on fixers! Yes we have been blessed with many successes, but also some failures. It is the failures which often represent themselves with the biggest learning curves and growth opportunities. We have paid the school fees, and want to share this experience and expertise at affordable rates with companies, large and small, especially entrepreneurial ones.

Too often we have observed and experienced ourselves the frustrations in dealing with professional services firms – accountants, legal or strategy consultants. Their assignments seem to take on a life of themselves and go on for ever, and will end up costing you a small fortune! Our team has no such ambitions and we are happy to engage quickly and efficiently.

A few examples of the resources potentially available to you:

  • Chris Van der Sande (Dip IT, Dip Business Management, Dip management, MBA, certified commercial property broker; Member of the Institute of Directors SA) has more than 35 years’ experience in executive positions across multiple industries within large global enterprises but also local SMME and start-ups. Ever the entrepreneur, Chris is the founder and CEO of The Interventionists, a concept he has developed, tested and refined over several years until registering the company in early 2020. He has successfully delivered acquisitions, disposals, fund raising, turn-arounds, and start-ups and negotiated multiple complex transactions at operational, commercial and legal levels. He has built up an enormously extensive personal and corporate network, much of which he leverages as and when needed to successfully deliver projects.
  • Tim C (Dip Business Management, BSC & MSC Electronic Engineering) has 20+ years senior management experience up to Board level, including businesses with over 250 staff. He is experienced in implementation and management of high-tech projects; development of product and service offerings into the international fixed and mobile telecommunication industry; implementation of performance management systems for staff; hands-on experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, cyber security, IT and communication systems, business intelligence tools, occupational health and safety compliance, quality systems and information security compliance.

Tim can assist technology-dependent businesses with specific strategic, tactical or operational interventions to achieve targeted outcomes. Typical customer requirements could be: Technology change or implementation projects; Technology sales and marketing advice; Telecommunication strategies and service provider selection; Cyber security implementation projects; Regulatory compliance programs; Supplier and customer contract reviews where technology specifications, sourcing, delivery, acceptance and payment is critical; Data analytics and reporting; Organizational structure changes.

  • John J (MDP Accounting, Business Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Operational Management and Control) has an incredibly rich career of over 40 years’ service in business leadership and management positions across many industries. In particular he has extensive experience in Information Technology and Communications. He is a successful business operations and strategy leader with a track record of successful business start-ups and turn arounds. John provides consulting services to diverse companies in several different industries, using his experience and expertise gained by serving on a number of Boards of Directors, of both Private and Listed companies, over the years. He consults to organisations in various industries around Complex Programme risk analysis, Go to Market strategies, Business Product Development and Rationalisation, Company Strategies and Rationalisation, Customer Engagement models and Sales Coaching. ?

He has worked extensively in deal-making and negotiation, complex solution design and build, annuity contract structuring, service implementation and management and multi-sourcing arrangements. Very comfortable working with complex project structures that include multiple organisations and disciplines, he   is a competent all-round businessman with extensive experience and expertise in business while still maintaining a high level of technical understanding and competency.

  • Andrew L (Honours in Industrial Psychology, Masters in HRD, MBA, PHD in progress)  has over 15 years HR experience in various industries supplementing his exceptional academic achievements. He has ten years’ top management and Board level experience. A dedicated champion of Talent Management, Organisational Development, and Employment Relations, he has experience working for large companies in the Mining and ICT industries and also founded and runs a very successful company specialising in HR/IR/OD/Talent Acquisition/Talent Management/Training and Development etc which is also part of our network.
  • Eddie L (Dip Internal Audit) CIPP/EU is a specialist in e-Commerce law, especially POPIA and PAIA, having been Information Officer for one of the largest SA enterprise and decades experience in the field.

The Interventionists have a vast network of competent resources available. The list above are mere examples of what we have available in our pool. We will always match the correct skillset to the challenge you present us with. It will be unusual if we are unable to help you, but we will be honest and upfront if ever that were to transpire. No matter what your challenge is, we will have or find the specific skill required to answer your questions! Feel free to put us to the test.

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