We engage with very attractive hourly, daily, monthly or fixed price arrangements. Our pricing will be well below what traditional audit, legal or consulting firms would charge. This is due to our limited overhead structure and because all our resources only contract individually into our network as and when needed only. This is transparent to you the customer. Our success is measured by your success, not by the hours we bill. We do not chase billable time targets and won’t be petty about every last line item.

From time to time and depending on the exact nature of what is required, we may be prepared to work on shared risk/reward mechanism, for example a success fee, gain-share or commission.

The first hour consultation is always free. After that a reasonable and mutually beneficial commercial arrangement will be sought and found.

Depending on the exact nature of the services required, size of your company, complexity of the challenge and duration or even location of the project our typical hourly rate could vary between R750 to R1500 (Exclusive of VAT), subject to a minimum. Our proposals and quotations usually offer you the choice to engage on a Time & Materials basis - hourly or daily tariffs with an estimated time frame - but will always be accompanied with a fixed price all-inclusive charge, where we meaningfully discount what would have been an estimate at best and assume the risk of overruns ourselves.  

The choice always remains yours!

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