Business Coaching:

The Interventionists are uniquely placed to offer personalised and bespoke coaching services to business managers, owners, entrepreneurs and executives in any size organisation.

Ours is not a template driven, consultative, patriarchal and often condescending approach to coaching, like so many of the larger consulting houses. Neither do we pretend to be personal coaches with some pseudo-psychological background. We have been in your shoes and understand the challenges and frustrations with managing a business. Especially in South Africa! Our coaching is down-to-earth, practical, to-the-point and hands-on business related coaching based upon our own decades of experience in businesses ourselves.

What we do, is to start by truly listening to you and appreciate what pains you, what makes your business unique and where exactly your challenges lie. Coupled with an intuitive grasp of typical business issues and likely solutions we can offer ourselves to be a sounding board, a trusted advisor, a personal coach and provide ongoing supportive feedback and ideas on any matters related to your business, its people, its structure, approach, etc.

We often engage with our customer on a weekly call or VC without a pre-set agenda. During such calls we often just review the past week’s issues arising, any problem areas, frustration, and of course the good things too. Sometimes we just listen. We both learn continuously. When asked, we provide ideas and suggestions. We cover the entire spectrum of typical business challenges and issues. There are no fixed rules and no limits, except those you set for us, which of course we then diligently respect. Many times we simply challenge the thinking or approach to force the business to critically think and re-asses themselves. This helps clarify the thinking going forward and find the optimal route to go.

Invariably we make dramatic strides to improving how the individual and their business works and achieve astounding successes and improvements, often in very short timeframes.

Sometimes we start by holding such coaching sessions twice weekly, sometimes only once a week or even once a month. You set the pace, we fall in with your availability or requirements.


Business intervention methods, target the area of weakness in your company. Whether the company is in a downward spiral and needs to be saved, or already successful and trying to reach the next level, understanding how to implement appropriate business intervention strategies can help make the effort successful. We do our work in any area of your business where our help is most needed and we can have a measurable and immediate impact.

An outsider is often better placed to cut through the sometimes emotional implications and can take a more objective view on alternatives available. Ultimately we would never take the final decision on how to proceed. That remains strictly within your domain. But when you feel you need help, and cannot afford the sometimes convoluted and theoretical processes (death by paper and PowerPoint!) of traditional advisors, such as business rescue practitioners, consultants, auditors, lawyers etc. our Interventionists team can assist and get to the answers much quicker and cheaper than anybody else can.

Our services and expertise are transportable across most industry segments, but we have pertinent people on the team with backgrounds in financial services, IT, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, property, etc. Don’t be shy asking – we will honestly tell you early on if we are unable to help you.

Our network of available skills is wide and flexible with literally a combined hundreds of years’ experience in executive and non-executive capacities and roles across almost all industries you can imagine. And the academic backgrounds are equally impressive with several diplomas, degrees and even a few PHD’s! However, The Interventionists do not employ these people on a permanent basis. That would be unaffordable. That is why we refer to our “network of resources”. We call on this network for each challenge we are presented with, so that The Interventionists can identify the correct indivuals or company, on a case by case basis, to come and assist with the task at hand. Sometimes that may be a single person, sometimes a combination of several. The Interventionists will select and advise and introduce, but ultimately contract and ensure the collective delivers on our promise to you and the desired objectives. It is this virtual operating model through contracted resources for specific tasks that makes us so compellingly competent, always able to deliver and, importantly for you the customer, remain affordable.

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