A non-exhaustive list of the type of things we get involved in. We offer Interventionists professional business-advisory services for any of the following:

  • Business strategy formulation, critical review, update.
  • Personalised business related coaching
  • Business efficiency and effectiveness reviews
  • Business Development: Sales process review, tenders, market segmentation, campaign definition and management, costing and pricing strategies, deal negotiations, lead generation, extended sales team, account management, digitisation and cloud enablement.
  • Business Brokering - Exits and M&A: assistance with the planning and/or execution of mergers, acquisitions or Exit by shareholders. Each one of these steps require advanced and well thought through planning and execution. You often have only one shot at such important strategic and potentially very profound decisions for the business, you and your family and any other stakeholders. So careful, guided planning and obtaining independent and unemotional advise helps to reduce the risk involved!
  • Capital raising: we are able to assist in the preparation and formulation of request or proposals to financial institutions or investors to achieve optimal results. Once again, an independent and objective assessment of where your business is and how or what to ask for may help achieve better and /or faster results, whilst you focus on running your business without unnecessary distractions or emotional aggravations.
  • We offer the entire gambit of IT and telecommunications reviews, advise and consulting : ICT strategy and policy review, cloud enablement, cybersecurity strategies, data warehousing and analytics
  • Outsourcing strategies
  • Pre- legal work: correspondence, contract negotiations, contract reviews, conflict resolution, mediation
  • Marketing: review marketing strategies and plans, PR; advertising, event management, and ensuring those strategies have a clearly defined objective and tangible business benefit measurements.
  • HR/IR/OD & BEE Strategies: policy review, salary benchmarks, performance reviews, job descriptions, training strategies and plans, succession planning, employment contract template reviews. Often, and especially so in entrepreneurial SMME’s, these aspects are seen as cumbersome, administratively intensive or achieving compliance too burdensome. We can assist to make common sense and point out ways to minimise effort and costs whilst still achieving full compliance and a happy workforce with BEE score maximisation.

Business intervention methods, target the area of weakness in your company. Whether the company is in a downward spiral and needs to be saved, or already successful and trying to reach the next level, understanding how to implement appropriate business intervention strategies can help make the effort successful. We do our work in any area of your business where our help is most needed and we can have a measurable and immediate impact.

An outsider is often better placed to cut through the sometimes emotional implications and can take a more objective view on alternatives available. Ultimately we would never take the final decision on how to proceed. That remains strictly within your domain. But when you feel you need help, and cannot afford the sometimes convoluted processes (death by paper and powerpoint!) of traditional advisors, such as business rescue practitioners, consultants, auditors, lawyers etc, our Interventionists team can assist and get to the answers much quicker and cheaper than anybody else can.

Our services and expertise are available across most (almost all) industry segments, and we have people on the team with backgrounds in financial services, IT, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, property, etc (to mention but a few). Don’t be shy asking – we will honestly tell you early on if we are unable to help you.

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